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Dear Customer,

Let us take this opportunity to introduce you to Eyetech Ltd.

Our company was established in 1985 and specializes in manufacturing and developing instrumentation for use in ophthalmology.

 We would like to highlight the following practice eyes:

Laser Eye Model 

Tonometry Eye Model

Echography Eye Model

Back in 1980's there was a growing need for a realistic target  for  demonstration of laser procedures like capsulotomy , iridectomy, retina coagulation and others. The first practice eye that we had developed in our company was the Laser Eye Model- a practical instrument  designed to simulate the interactions of light with ocular tissues present in contemporary surgical and diagnostic ophthalmic procedures. Companies such as Lumenis (former Coherent Medical), Zeiss , Nidek , Cannon and others around the world are our satisfied customers. Later we had introduced to the market other teaching devices: Tonometry and Echography  Eye Models which are used in different ophthalmic trainings. Also please check  our other products as well. Most of our product are in stock and  can shipped upon receipt of a purchase order.

Remember that we  value your comments very much,  and look forward to the opportunity  to continue serving your needs. As always, if you need more information or have a question, please call our office or contact us by email eyetech@usa.com .